The Non - Salesy Entrepreneur Manifesto

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Finally, I’m re-launching the blog! It’s been awhile, but I’m now ready to start posting content here as well as other places.

When thinking of what to post about, I realized I needed a way to make a public statement that communicates the vision and objective of this blog.

So I decided to write a manifesto.

This manifesto sums up the reason Artisan Owl Media exists. It is designed to show my readers how I want to help them become more successful.

Let me know what you think!

What We Believe

We believe that every entrepreneur with a great idea deserves to have influence.

We believe that anyone who has the audacity to start a business has the right to learn how to influence effectively.

We believe that great entrepreneurs with world-changing ideas shouldn’t have to resort to pushy, aggressive, greedy and selfish sales tactics to attain growth. As enterprising entrepreneurs, we are better than this.

We believe that entrepreneurs who are not “naturally” persuasive deserve a valid shot at success.

Most of all, we believe that the art of sales can be learned. It is not an inborn talent that only a few possess.

Anyone can learn how to sell.


Why Do We Do It?

We do it for the one who is willing to endure the grueling entrepreneurial lifestyle.

We do it for the one  who truly wishes to make a difference.

We do it for the person who is willing to pour their heart, soul, and mind into something they deeply believe in.

This blog exists for the entrepreneur wishes to make an unforgettable contribution to the world. 

They refuse to be insignificant. They refuse to not matter.

The entrepreneur shouldn’t have to fail just because they haven’t learned how to get others to buy into their vision.

They shouldn’t fail just because they don’t fit the “salesy” stereotype.  

They want to leave a legacy.

They have become tired of the status quo.

They wish for something greater.


They have the right to influence.



Through actionable sales advice, this blog will help entrepreneurs hone their skills at persuasion . Our content, training, and marketing services will arm entrepreneurs with the tools they need to become better influencers.


Who This Is For?

This is for the entrepreneur who isn’t a “natural” salesperson.

This is for the entrepreneur who wishes to sell the right way: without being pushy or manipulative.

This is for the entrepreneur who is sick and tired of losing because they don’t know how to move others.

This is for the entrepreneur who is willing to work hard to learn the art of influence.

This is for the entrepreneur who desires to use their influence to make a profound difference in the world.

It’s for you, the Non-Salesy Entrepreneur.


Keep moving forward.


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