21 Highly Effective Blog Post Ideas For Dentists

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Did you know that your website is your best patient acquisition channel? Well, if your website isn’t optimized the right way, it may not be getting you the amount of clients that you would like. That’s why dental SEO is so important.

The key to improving your search engine rankings is creating high-quality content. Check out these statistics:

  • 80% of Americans look online for healthcare information.
  • 54% of American web users look online for information about specific diseases or procedures.
  • 1 in 20 Google searches are about health-related information.

See why dental SEO is so important? If you use your blog to provide relevant and helpful content, it will increase your search engine rankings and convert more leads into patients.

Here are some fresh ideas for dental blog posts that can benefit your readers and drastically increase the chances that they will come to you for their dental needs. The success of your dental SEO efforts depends on the quantity and quality of your blog posts. Put these tips into action, and your web traffic will skyrocket!


1. 5 Foods That Can Whiten your Teeth

Teeth whitening seems to be growing increasingly popular these days. Give your readers some natural ways to keep their teeth white.


2. The Dangers Of Bleachorexia

While you’re at it, tell them how teeth whitening can be dangerous! You don’t want them overdoing it, after all.


3. What Does it Mean when your Tongue is ____?

There are several oral ailments that can impact the tongue. Write some content that educates the reader on these ailments and what they can do to prevent them.


4. What Type of Mouthguard should you Use?

No doubt you have many prospective patients that are athletes. Give them some pointers on choosing the right mouthguards.


5. Do you Need a Gum Lift?

Do most people in your area even know what a gum lift is? Probably not. You can change that!

6. Surprising Foods that are actually Good for your Teeth

Everyone always hears about the foods that are damaging to their dental health. Why not write about the foods that are actually good for their teeth?


7. Little-Known Services that Dentists Provide

People tend to think that dentists only deal with teeth. They don’t know that dentists also help with their patients’ overall oral health.


8. What Is Holistic Dentistry?

If you’re into alternative types of dental care, write about it. This is an area that most people still don’t know about.


9. How to get your Stubborn Husband to go to the Dentist

Everyone knows that men are horrible when it comes to regular dental visits. Since women tend to be better with this, write some content that will help them convince their husbands to come in for their overdue visit.


10. What to do when your child loses a tooth

Every parent has kids who lose teeth. Give them some practical tips on promoting positive dental health.


11. How to Ease your Child’s Dental Fear

Fear of the dentist is another issue that comes up for parents. Write a few posts that can help parents assuage their kid’s fears.


12. How to Take Care of your Gums

Most people know that they have to keep their teeth healthy. Most of them don’t know that the health of their gums is just as important. Tell them what to do to maintain healthy gums.


13. Fun Facts About Saliva

Want to entertain and educate? Write a witty post about spit. Tell them why saliva is important and how to maintain good salivary health.


14. Natural Cures for Common Dental Issues

Many people enjoy learning about natural home remedies for various ailments. Write a post that gives them some natural ways to deal with minor dental problems.


15. Causes of Bad Breath

As a blogging dentists, you probably have several readers that suffer from halitosis. Their significant others are probably suffering from it too. Ease their pain. Write a detailed post about what causes bad breath and what should be done to prevent it.


16. Stop Teeth Grinding by Lowering Stress

How many people grind their teeth regularly? Since stress is a major contributor to teeth grinding, write some posts that help people lower their stress levels.


17. Consequences of Thumb Sucking

A lot of parents have children who suck their thumbs. Many of them don’t know why it’s harmful. An informative blog post can show them the consequences of thumb-sucking. It can also give them actionable tips on how to help their child kick the habit. If you have pictures that illustrate the consequences, that’s even better.


18. Dealing with Sensitive Teeth

Since 57% of patients deal with sensitive teeth, it may be a good idea to address this in your blog. That way, if someone in your area is looking for a way to ease their pain, they will find your office!


19. Infants and their Dental Care

Many parents don’t know that they have to start paying attention to their child’s dental health before they develop teeth. Write a post telling them what they need to watch out for.


20. Making Sure your Child’s Teeth Develop Correctly

Same as above!


21. How to Manage your Teen’s Dental Habits

Just like the stubborn husband, teenagers will need guidance on proper dental care. Write a post that helps parents stay on top of their teenagers when it comes to taking care of their teeth.

Start Boosting Your Dental SEO Efforts!

These ideas should help you get started if you’re a blogging beginner, and they can also help you if you’re an experienced blogger who needs new ideas. Of course, while most dentists see the value of improving their search engine rankings, they don’t have the time to publish regular blog posts on their websites. If you need help with your dental SEO, contact us for your free SEO consultation!



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