Beardbrand: How an Urban Beardsman Became an Austin Entrepreneur

  He invented the Urban Beardsman lifestyle brand. He grew his business into a $40,000 per month enterprise within one year. He just pitched the “Shark Tank” investors. And it all started from a blog. Eric Bandholz is an Austin entrepreneur who has successfully created a profitable lifestyle brand.   The Beginning   Originally, the…

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Crowdfunding: What It Is And Why You Should Do It Part I


    Crowdfunding. It’s been a popular buzzword lately. For a new entrepreneur, it can be a great way to raise funds without relying on angel investors or venture capitalists. If you’re thinking about starting a crowdfunding campaign, you better have a full understanding of what crowdfunding is and how to launch an effective campaign.…

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Nancy Lublin: Social Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

                          Nancy Lublin is a social change powerhouse who has impacted the lives of women and teenagers across the country. In 1995, she founded “Dress For Success” which is an organization that provides professional clothing to low-income women who are struggling to gain…

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The Entrepreneurial Spark: How to Keep Yourself Motivated

  If you’re a budding entrepreneur, then you’ve already had it happen to you. You’re working the normal 9 – 5 corporate America grind. Every day you start and finish your shift at the times your employer dictates. You make only the amount of money they say you can make. You take your vacations when…

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The Ethics And Legalities of Content Marketing: Critical Things You Must Know Part II

  Making sure that you are running your content marketing campaign in a way that is ethical is essential. In the last post, the importance of ethical content curation was discussed. This posting is going to provide some ways to avoid infringement on the copyrights of others, and some ways to help you protect your…

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